Welcome to Coach Sam’s Virtual Playbook where ideas become our most trusted and valued friends.


Our ideas are unique to each of us, the DNA of our heart and mind. They are with us every day, keeping us company, inspiring us to move past our fears, inspiring us to Dream Big and then Dream Bigger, to have faith in who we are. As you explore the lessons in the Coach Sam’s What Do You With An Idea series, let the magic of your ideas, your dreams, take flight because your ideas will change the world.


And remember, your Coach Sam’s team is by your side, celebrating you and the magic of your ideas.

The Rainbow Fish

Hello Scholars,

My name is Miss Molly, I’m the Coach Sam site coordinator at Almira. I’ve created a lesson based off my favorite children’s book The Rainbow Fish. The photos in the book and the lesson taught in the story has stuck with me throughout my childhood and now as an educator.

The lesson I created consists of:

  • The Rainbow Fish read aloud
  • Two worksheets (book summary and word search)
  • Art Challenge

These activities will help you start to see the beauty in things all around you. Remember to share with others the beautiful creations you make, so they can enjoy it too!

The Rainbow Fish Read Aloud


Create Something Beautiful!

Using random items found throughout your home create something beautiful. Take a photo and submit it on the Coach Sam’s social media platforms for the possibilities to win prizes! Here is my creation to give you an idea:

Coach Sam’s Riddle:

What has hands, but cannot count?

Last Week’s Answer: Your hands!