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Cultural Exploration

Cultural exploration is one of the joys of living in a multicultural society. This exploration includes being able to try out different cuisines, experience different festivals and events, and also make friends and form relationships with people from different backgrounds. “Variety is the spice of life” as the old saying goes and the same of everything can be boring. Exploring another culture should be done with interest, appreciation, respect and an openness to learn a variety of new things

When you travel and explore a new place you may come across a new culture different than your own, What aspects of your culture would you want someone to know if they were interested in learning more about you?

Books: Funny Bones

Listening to this story and learning about El Día de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead was an example of exploring Mexican Culture.

Culture is the customs, arts, heritage, and traditions of a particular nation, people, or other social group.

Some questions to think/ talk about after listening to this story are:

1. What was similar and what was different about Mexican life, art and celebrations as compared to the United States?

2. Do you believe that cultural differences make people unique and special? Explain.

3. What aspects of your culture would you want someone to know if they were interested in learning more about you?

Additional Reading: Same Same But Different

Interactive Activity:

Compare another culture of your choice from this website to your own.

First, choose a country on the world picture on the homepage. Then read through that country’s webpage and watch the video about their culture.

What is one thing that is the same and one thing that is different?

What do you find interesting about the other country that you researched culture?

Think about, discuss or write your responses on the blank writing sheet or by using the Virtual Vacation/Cultural Exploration Worksheet.

Writing Activity:

1. In the boxes below, draw a picture that shows your culture on the topics provided. When you are finished, choose a country’s culture that you would like to explore and learn more about using the information from the books or websites.

2. Sometimes people from a different culture may be the only person from their culture at a place, meeting or event. Think about a time when you were the only person who felt different in a place or situation (such as the only girl or boy, the only person wearing braids, or the only young person in a room full of grownups). Did people treat you differently from how they treated others?

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