Welcome to Coach Sam’s Virtual Playbook where ideas become our most trusted and valued friends.


Our ideas are unique to each of us, the DNA of our heart and mind. They are with us every day, keeping us company, inspiring us to move past our fears, inspiring us to Dream Big and then Dream Bigger, to have faith in who we are. As you explore the lessons in the Coach Sam’s What Do You With An Idea series, let the magic of your ideas, your dreams, take flight because your ideas will change the world.


And remember, your Coach Sam’s team is by your side, celebrating you and the magic of your ideas.

Hello Scholars!

Today we will be looking at a Biography about a female herpetologist by the name Joan Procter.  What is a herpetologist? Herpetologist are zoologist who study reptiles and amphibians.

Joan’s love for reptiles began at an early age. Listen to the story by clicking on the link and learn more about the life of Joan Procter, and her studies of reptiles, amphibians, and “real life dragons.”

In this activity you will find:

1. YouTube link to the story Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor, the Woman Who Loved Reptiles

2. Two activities

  • Create your own reptile exhibit
  • Write a summary about the life of Joan Procter

3. List of vocabulary from the story

Click on the link below to listen to the story Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor, the Woman Who Loved Reptiles By: Patricia Valdez

About Biographies:

Biographies are a fun way to learn about the people that have created the things we love today! From sports, technology, or outer space. There are biographies written about people who played an important role in the creation of the things we know today. Using the link below check out a person who did something in the life that interest you:


Then create your own summary about that person, using pictures, or think of creative ways to show why you chose that person and what they are known for. Then submit your work to one of the Coach Sam media platforms for a chance to win!

Weekly Activities

List of Vocabulary 

Coach Sam’s Riddle:

What travels the world, but stays in one spot? 

Last Week’s Answer: A sponge!