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Hello Scholars!

Social Justice is making sure that everyone is treated fairly with equal rights and opportunities no matter where they live, what color their skin is or how much money they have.

In this virtual playbook, you’ll look at diversity-how people that look and live differently deserve the same rights. There is beauty around all of us as humans. We deserve to live a life that exemplifies and exposes us to those treasures that will bring us joy and happiness as human beings, no matter what!

This Summer Social Justice lesson consists of:

  • What’s the meaning of Social Justice and Diversity?
  • “Last Stop on Market Street” Read Aloud
  • Two worksheets:
    • Poem 
    • Descriptive Writing
  • Social Justice Sign Challenge
  • Social Justice Book List

Every Sunday after church, CJ and his grandma ride the bus across town. But today, CJ wonders why they don’t own a car like his friend Colby. Why doesn’t he have an iPod like the boys on the bus? How come they always have to get off in the dirty part of town? Each question is met with an encouraging answer from grandma, who helps him see the beauty—and fun—in their routine and the world around them.

This energetic ride through a bustling city highlights the wonderful perspective only grandparent and grandchild can share, and comes to life through Matt de la Pena’s vibrant text and Christian Robinson’s radiant illustrations.

Social Justice, Defined!

Read Aloud: Last Stop on Market Street


Writing about where you are from will help you understand yourself so that you can better understand others.

Social Justice Sign Challenge!!!

Many people are using this time to protest social injustices, urging everyone that can make a difference to do so. Your challenge is to create a social justice sign that will promote fairness, and share it with your friends and family. You might want to hang it up in your home or bedroom! Here are some examples of what other people have made:

Want more? Here’s the Social Justice Book List!

Coach Sam’s Riddle:

What has 88 keys, but cannot open a single door?

Last Week’s Answer: A stamp!