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Hello Scholars!

Have you ever felt like you always do the right things, but the pressure to be good seems overwhelming? The pressure to make others happy, while still being a kid could make you ‘crack’ like an egg. In the story The Good Egg, we learn what life is like as a “Good Egg.” How does he deal with the pressure? How can you do the same in your life?

This lesson consists of:

  • Read Aloud Story: The Good Egg
  • Two worksheets:
    • Writing: Book Connection Activity
    • Idioms Worksheet
  • Self-Care Challenge
  • Extra Reading from This Author!

Read Aloud: The Good Egg, By Jory John


Self-Care Worksheet:

Extra Reading from This Author!:


The Bad Seed:


The Cool Bean:


The Great Eggscape!:


Coach Sam’s Riddle:

What two things can you never have for breakfast?

Last Week’s Answer: A piano!